Shaziya Ramji is a digital multimedia artist based in London, founder of Shaz Designs.

Shaziya has a love for Digital Art, Technology, Networking (Online and Offline). Her website, showcases a visual representation of the body freelance work that has been produced from the last 8 years.

Studying Digital Media Production at UAL and then furthering on her education by doing a Master’s degree in Media Arts at Coventry University, her love for digital media and social networking are the two key areas that Shaziya has a keen interest in.

An area Shaziya takes with great importance is project management. Understanding and project managing projects is necessary part in the creative process, and has helped to her to be aware of clients needs for example, business skills, marketing and pr which she will always transcend for future projects.

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“providing solutions with imagination and unique creativity

Shazyia Ramji, founder of Shaz Designs

  • Artwork

  • Branding

  • Interactive Media

  • Packaging

  • Photography

  • Print

  • Social Media

  • Video

Shaz Designs

Shaz Designs is a creative digital multimedia design based in London. Shaz Designs’ focus is to understand the client’s needs, and therefore producing ultimate results with passion.

Shaz Designs was created by digital, multimedia artist, Shaziya Ramji. After studying Digital Media Production at UAL and doing her Master’s degree in Media Arts at Coventry University, Shaziya wanted to create a pool of talented people under one platform, to encourage; collaboration and solution building filled with imagination and creativity.

Shaz Designs is here to not only showcase great projects, but to inspire you in your own visual journey. Feel free to get in touch with us, on our services listed above if you like our approach to the future of design, or if you would like to collaborate with us on future projects.

Contact info@shazdesigns.com or visit www.shazdesigns.com

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